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MHJ Services

MHJ Heavy Equipment

Passionate about supplying high quality, job ready equipment.

When it comes to large scale Mining, Infrastructure & Construction projects it is vitally important to have reliable & fit for purpose equipment. We supply all kinds of equipment for all kinds of industries no matter if you are a Mining operation, Pipeline Contractor, Road Builder and just about everything in between.

MHJ Heavy Equipment Trading LLC are committed to accurately represent the true condition of every machine we sell. You can be assured in delivery of exactly what you need & expect. All of our machinery is thoroughly inspected by our in-house team however we always welcome your inspection.
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Oryx Placer (OMP-TA-12)
MHJ Fabrication
Your ONE STOP for all things EARTHMOVING

Inspection & Assessment

Our highly trained and experienced engineers perform a detailed check and analysis on all equipment and identify any refurbishment needs.
Mechanical Refurbishment

We perform all required mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and fabrication works in-house and use only quality replacement parts.
Cosmetics Refurbishment

We leverage our in-house painting and cosmetics division to maintain the best glowing look for our equipment.
After Sale 

We will support your equipment well after the point of sale. We have intimate knowledge of the equipment we sell so who else better to maintain your investment.

Shipping &

We can provide worldwide logistics services through our global partners, including dismantling, cleaning, packing, lashing, documentation & inspection.

Our in-house project consulting is passionate about increasing production and lowering costs. With close to 30 years of in-field experience you are in the very best hands.

We offer an in-house design team capable of designing specialist equipment in CAD. Our focus is on removing equipment & personnel to increase production while lowering costs.
Fabrication & Attachments

We manage the fabrication of everything earthmoving. Long reach booms, buckets & attachments, trencher booms & surface miners. 
Wear Parts Supply

We manufacture & supply wear parts for the major trenching machines & surface miners. We also supply G.E.T for all kinds of mining & construction equipment.